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So, I came up with this super snazzy idea for a group,

Four tribes of half human half Panthera.
Panthera is the Genus group that includes Lions, Leopards, Jaguars, and Tigers.
They'd be Centaur in form. The tribes would include Panthera Leo, the Lion tribe, Panthera Tigris, the Tiger tribe, Panthera Onca, the Jaguar tribe, and Panthera Pardus, the Leopard Tribe. There would also be an exclusive tribe, Uncia Uncia, the Snow Leopards. They'd be mystic in nature, like a sort of entity. Their numbers would be much smaller than that of the Panthera tribes, though.

   All tribes would be ruled by Kings (either male or female) with one rank under them to rule with them. I haven't decided what I'll call these underlings yet, something like Royals or The Royalty. They'd be like Beta's in a pack. Other than that, there would be the normal ranks: hunters, scouts, warriors, gaurds, etc. The highest ranking officials would be apart of the Council. The Council would be in charge of electing new Kings if the old one retired or died, as well as the making of new tribe laws/new ranks. They'd also have weekly "check up" meetings, discussing the happenings within the tribe.

   Then there would be The High Council. The only members allowed within The High Council would be the Kings and the Uncia seeing as they are basically Gods here. They would function just like the normal Council, but would go to much greater lengths. If there was a dispute between two tribes, they'd meet to sort it out; along with that, they'd create laws that would carry out between all the land.

   And then there would be trading. Each tribe would have a special trading item: Leo would be elephant ivory and the gold that their African oasis holds. Tigris would have metals and Russian Elk antlers that can be shaped into strong arrow and spear tips. Onca's trading would consist of energizing coffee beans from their South American home and metals for armor crafting. Pardus would include wild Indian timber for hut building and coal for powering fires.
   Each of these trading items would be key to other tribe's survival and power. This would mean that wars would not be spontaneously erupting from nowhere, seeing as a war would stop the flow of these items.

   And now for their homes. Each tribe would be living in their own 'Oasis': a place specifically fitted to their animal-half's natural environments. These Oasis would be connected by bridges that all connect to The Temple, the place of High Council meetings as well as a popular spot for fights (also doubles as the Uncia Uncia's home).
   The Leo's home would be a deserted African Savannah, Tigris would be a snowy Russian mountain, Onca, a hot, humid, and dense South American jungle, and Pardus would own an old Indian village surrounded buy jungle.

That's all I have so far. Not sure if I want to make this an FH group or just a DA thing. I think an FH group would be pretty nifty, but harder to maintain and keep up with.

Meh. Anyway, tell me what you guys think c: <3


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Peri Reed
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
14 / Texas

Aspiring Veterinarian since day 1. Been into animals all my life. Recently it's been reptiles and equestrian type animals. Or anything with horns.
If the Veterinary arts don't work, I could always delve into the Tattooing life. Although I'd need a little more practice.
Not the best artist around, but I ain't too shabby.

I was born and raised in Louisiana until work took us to Texas. It wasn't hard for me to leave my friends and other relatives, but I miss the scenery and the atmosphere. Now I live with my father and little brother in a 'rich-white-kid' kinda neighborhood. I have two cats (Tess + Oreo; both female), a small dog (Sailor; male; Multise + Shizu), and my beta (Fishfood; male). I can not tell you how much I crave the companionship of a python. They're so beautiful. Or maybe a corvid could do; a crow or a blue jay, maybe. Or. OH. Or and Irish Wolfhound. I'd die for one of those majesties.

Happily single and hopefully staying that way, at least for the time being. But enough about that. I'm really getting into the whole 'Superwholock' scene right now. Not necessarily the 'Superwholock' fandom itself, but the three shows that make it up: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Hannibal (the TV show) is pretty top too. Star Trek as well; the new movies. And I'm anxiously awaiting the new Godzilla movie coming out this May (I'm going to scream).

Anyway, I guess that's all.


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